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Orange Coast College FALL Advanced Vascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Experience 3 Abdominal Sonography DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY DMS DMS DMS DMS Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a using medical imaging modality using high frequency sound to create images of specific areas of the body from which pathology may be diagnosed. A competent Sonographer must have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, cross sectional anatomy, and pathology, as well as the skills to manipulate a wide variety of sophisticated instruments. This is a Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). A276 2 Subtotal 2 SPRING Sonographic Review Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Experience 5 ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE 2.5 7 3 Subtotal 12.5 INTERSESSION Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Experience 4 DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY A255 A271 A274 DMS DMS A275 A281 3 9 Subtotal 12 64.5 General Education Breadth for AS Degree 15* In addition to completion of the prerequisite and required courses below, this program requires completion of the Associate in Science General Education as listed in the catalog. Program Major Units Total AS Degree Units 79.5 *BIOL A221 in program prerequisite double counts towards General Education Breadth Program Admission Allied Health 010 course – application and orientation. Students must complete Associate in Science degree graduation requirements and the program prerequisites prior to acceptance to the program. Diagnostic Medical Sonography Suggested Elective: Ethics PHIL/RLST A120 3 Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all required courses. Program Outcomes 1. DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS AND DESIGN The outcome of the program is to prepare students as competent Diagnostic Medical Sonographers for employment in the imaging field as professionals to meet community needs, and apply the concept of life-long learning through professional growth activities. Recommended Preparation: Strategies for College Success COUN A105 3 Required Prerequisites: Health Occupations Medical Terminology Anatomy-Physiology ALH ALH BIOL A010 A111 A221 .5 3 4 Subtotal DIGITAL GRAPHICS PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT This  program presents a concentrated course of study in the field of digital media arts and design. Concept development and the generation of a portfolio suitable for job applications or transfer to a degree program is a major focus in each of the core courses.  7.5 Courses emphasize the process and problem-solving in conjunction with visual design issues. DMAD courses provide broad-based entry level training for a variety of industries.. Students are introduced to a broad range of media, including 2-D and 3-D design, animation, illustration, painting, photography, video, music, sound recording, as well as strategies and the techniques required to incorporate these areas into print, websites, video and DVD output. Course Units FALL Patient Care Human Diseases Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation SPRING OB/GYN Sonography Introduction to Vascular Ultrasound Pathophysiology Introduction to Scanning Practice Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Experience 1 SUMMER Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Experience 2 88 ALH ALH DMS DMS A115 A120 A123 A150 2.5 2 4 3.5 Subtotal 12 DMS DMS DMS DMS DMS A126 A155 A161 A165 A166 3 2.5 3 3 2 Subtotal 13.5 DMS A167 5 Subtotal 5 Program Outcome 1. Demonstrate skill in design utilizing industry standard graphics software. Course Units Introduction to Computer Graphics DMAD Graphic Design DMAD Designing for Print DMAD Illustration and Computer Graphics with Adobe Illustrator DMAD Photography and Graphics with Photoshop DMAD A181 A182 A183 A190 A193 Total Units Digital Graphics Production Suggested Electives: Color and Design: Two-Dimensional ART Lettering/Digital Typography DMAD A110 A115 3 4 4 4 4 19 3 4