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Orange Coast College PILATES/DANCE CONDITIONING INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (CONTINUED) art form of dance. Instruction will utilize both classroom work, using a variety of instructional methods (lecture, lab/demonstration, independent and group projects) and internship experiences in business/industry to prepare the student for job requirements. To prepare the student for employment, instruction uses both classroom work with a variety of instructional methods (lecture, lab/demonstration, independent and group projects), and internship experiences in dance and fitness facilities. Program Outcomes Program Outcomes 1. Demonstrate and/or identify beginning through advanced Pilates exercises for mat and apparatus. 1. 2. Describe the basic principles of Pilates and explain their relevance to a Pilates program. 2. 3. Design a lesson plan for a Pilates mat and apparatus class. Perform at least one of the following world dance forms with appropriate vocabulary skills and styling at an intermediate/advanced level: Flamenco, Classical Indian Dance, African Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, and Latin Dance. 4. Teach a Pilates class using appropriate cueing and demonstration. 3. 5. Identify common alignment problems and describe proper modifications and/or solutions. Demonstrate proficiency in vocabulary, traditions, and cultural knowledge for three or more World Dance forms studied at OCC. 4. Communicate effectively through movement and words. 5. Demonstrate skills required to work in commercial or artistic areas of world dance. Program prerequisite: Current First Aid/CPR certification Course Units Pilates Mat Work Kinesiology for Dance Pilates Methodology Pilates as a Profession Pilates Apparatus & Mat Work Level 1 Pilates Apparatus & Mat Work Level 2 Pilates 3-4 Pilates Internship 1 Pilates Internship 2 DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC A108 A119 A129 A151 A152 A153 A208 A215 A217 1 3 3 1 2 2 1.5 1 1 Subtotal 15.5 Select three (3) units from the following: Strength and Stretch Conditioning for Dance Yoga for Dancers Dance Workout for the Maturing Body Gyrokinesis® DANC DANC DANC DANC DANC A106 A107 A115 A118 A139 1-2 .5-2 .5-2 1-2 .5-2 Subtotal 3 Total Units Pilates/Dance Conditioning Instructor Suggested Electives: Anatomy-Physiology BIOL Dance Profession Seminar DANC Dance Methodology DANC Fitness and Health KIN Movement Analysis KIN Strength and Conditioning Theory KIN 18.5 Course Units Flamenco Dance 2 DANC A147 Mid-Eastern Dance 2 DANC A148 Latin Dance Styles 2 DANC A155 African Dance & Drumming 2 DANC A158 Music for Dancers DANC A170 Dance Profession Seminar DANC A205 Dance Methodology DANC A210 World Dance Internship 1 DANC A218 World Dance Internship 2 DANC A219 World Dance and Culture DANC A230 Or World Religion RLST A110 CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT The Dance certificate program trains students for positions in the commercial and artistic areas of dance. Graduates of the program would be qualified as instructors in private studios, recreation or other community dance programs, and act as consultants, lecturers, or performers with an emphasis on the world dance forms, primarily Mid-Eastern, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, East Indian, or African. The Dance Department also recommends that students complete their General Education Requirements for an Associate Degree. Students are able to apply principles of movement and creativity to all forms of dance, demonstrate skills of instructing dance to communicate through movement and words, and apply information learned in other disciplines to the 4 2 3 3 3 3 Subtotal Select six (6) units of dance technique from at least two (2) different styles: African Dance and Drumming 1 DANC A138 Ballet I DANC A110 Ballet II DANC A111 Ballet III DANC A144 Flamenco Dance 1 DANC A135 Folk Dance DANC A142 Classical Dance of India DANC A137 Latin Dance Styles 1 DANC A116 Latin Dance Styles 2 DANC A155 Latin Dance Styles 3 DANC A165 Mid-Eastern Dance 1 DANC A130 Tap 1 DANC A125 Tap II DANC A126 Tap III DANC A146 Introduction to World Dance DANC A133 1-2 1-2 1 1-2 2 2 3 1 1 3 3 Subtotal 16-19 Select three (3) units: Rehearsal & Performance 1 DANC A201 And Repertoire 1 DANC A211 Or Performing Dance Ensemble 1 DANC A203 A221 A205 A210 A270 A272 A280 WORLD DANCE 86 Demonstrate effective movement principles and the elements of space, shape, energy and rhythm/time. 1 2 3 3 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1 1 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 Subtotal 6 Total Units 25-28