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Orange Coast College LEVEL 1 — CULINARY FOOD SCIENCE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (CONTINUED) Course Units FIRST SEMESTER Culinary Principles 1 Principles of Baking Food Science Intermediate Algebra CA CA FN MATH 3 2 4 4 Subtotal 13 SECOND SEMESTER Pantry Preparatory General Chemistry Cultural Foods Directed Practice Culinology/FS CA A149 2 CHEM A130 4 FN A185 2 FN A286 2 A120 A124 A195 A030 Subtotal 10 Total Units SECOND SEMESTER Cell & Molecular Biology BIOL A180 Introduction to Statistics MATH A160 Or Statistics for Behavioral Science PSYC A160 General Microbiology BIOL A210 ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE PROGRAM Program Major Units 57 General Education Breadth for AS Degree 12* Total AS Degree Units 69 Culinology® is the registered trademark of the Research Chef’s Association. *Program major contains six (6) units that double count towards General Education Breadth. DANCE DANCE ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE Complete eighteen (18) units from the following and the Associate in Arts graduation requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the catalog. If a student chooses this degree option, a plan must be developed with a counselor and placed on file prior to petitioning for graduation. This Culinology® Level 2 option is articulated with the Food Science and Technology, Culinology® track in the Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science at Cal Poly Pomona. The coursework has received approval from the Research Chefs’ Association. Students must complete both Level 1 and 2 and meet the Associate in Science degree requirements. Students should certify their General Education coursework before transfer. Course Units The Research Chefs’ Association suggests that students take additional Culinary Arts courses such as CA 255, Advanced Garde Manger and CA 265 Ala Minute Continental Cooking to enhance their culinary skills. Program Outcomes Be competent entry-level Culinary and Food Science assistants meeting the employment needs of the community. Communicate and work effectively with Chefs and Food Scientists and clientele. 3. Be able to transfer to selected colleges in Culinology®. 4. Culinology® students should obtain materials from the Transfer Center for complete details on transferable courses. Required Prerequisites: Level 1 Culinary Food Science Assistant Certificate of Achievement Subtotal 30 Course Units FIRST SEMESTER Culinary Principles 2 General Chemistry A Menu Planning and Purchasing Trigonometry 84 CA CHEM FSM MATH A122 A180 A250 A120 Subtotal 13 The Level 2 Culinology® and Food Science degree requires an Associate in Science; see Catalog for additional course requirements. Transfer students following the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements (CSU GE) must select courses in bold print. 2. 4 5 30 LEVEL 2 CULINOLOGY ® — PROFESSIONAL LEVEL 1. 4 4 3 5 3 3 Subtotal 14 Survey of Western Art: Prehistory to Gothic / Honors Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern / Honors Human Anatomy Human Physiology Modern Dance 1 Modern Dance 2 Ballet 1 Latin Dance Styles 1 American Social Dance Styles Jazz Dance 1 Tap 1 Mid-Eastern Dance 1 Introduction to World Dance Classical Dance of India African Dance and Drumming 1 Dance Improvisation Workshop 1 Dance Composition / Choreography 2 Music for Dancers World Mythology Nutrition Drama and Acting Acting Fundamentals Stage Lighting Make-Up Stage Costuming ART A100 / A100H 3 ART A101 / A101H 3 BIOL A220 5 BIOL A225 5 DANC A101 0.5-2 DANC A102 0.5-2 DANC A110 0.5-2 DANC A116 0.5-2 DANC A117 0.5-2 DANC A120 0.5-2 DANC A125 0.5-2 DANC A130 0.5-2 DANC A133 0.5-2 DANC A137 0.5-2 DANC A138 0.5-2 DANC A150 1 DANC A162 3 DANC A170 2 ENGL A176 / A176H 3 FN A170 3 THEA A105 3 THEA A106 3 THEA A176 3 THEA A177 3 THEA A178 3 Minimum Program Major Units AA General Education Option 1, 2, or 3 Transferable electives as needed to satisfy unit requirement Total Degree Units 18 Varies Varies 60