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Degree & Certificate Programs BAKING AND PASTRY — BASIC CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (CONTINUED) Course Units FALL Principles of Baking 1 Introduction to Nutrition Concepts Or Nutrition Food Service Math/Accounting CA FN A124 A140 2 2 FN A170 3 FSM A240 4 CA A126 2 Subtotal 2 Total Units Baking and Pastry - Bascic Suggested Electives: Color and Design: Two-Dimensional Freehand Drawing ART ART 3 3 CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT The requirements for the Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Baking and Pastry includes courses which lead to students gaining a solid foundational knowledge of the baking and pastry industry. Courses are designed for students who desire a career as an entrepreneur in the baking/pastry industry, or in the following positions found at restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, and bakeries; head baker, assistant pastry chef, pastry chef, and executive pastry chef. Total Units THIRD SEMESTER Principles of Baking 2 Principles of Artisan Bread Directed Practice for Baking and Pastry 1 Food Production Management Menu Planning and Purchasing 39-40 ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE Complete the Advanced Baking and Pastry Certificate of Achievement and the Associate in Science graduation requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the catalog. CULINOLOGY ® AND FOOD SCIENCE CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Course Units LEVEL 1 — CULINARY FOOD SCIENCE ASSISTANT Program Outcome Subtotal 8 The corporate headquarters of several restaurant chains as well as large and small food manufacturers are located in the southern California area. Opportunities exist for persons trained in culinary arts and food science to find interesting and rewarding careers with these companies. Students will be prepared for employment as professional and competent bakers, pastry cooks, or pastry entrepreneurs of retail and wholesale baking and pastry establishments. SECOND SEMESTER Culinary Principles 1 Principles of Baking 1 Pantry 3 2 3 Culinology®, as defined by the Research Chefs’ Association, is the blending of the culinary arts and the science of food. Students completing this certificate will have career opportunities in food manufacturing, chain restaurants, hotels, ingredient supply houses, consulting and academia, new product development, sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution, and the media. ADVANCED BAKING AND PASTRY A226 A237 A260 13-14 A110 A120 FIRST SEMESTER Introduction to Hospitality Industry CA A100 Introduction to Nutrition Concepts FN A140 Or Nutrition FN A170 Sanitation & Safety FSM A160 Food Service Math/Accounting FSM A240 CA CA FSM Subtotal 8-9 SPRING Principles of Baking 2 1. FOURTH SEMESTER Principles of Pastry Arts Directed Practice Supervision and Training Techniques 3 2 3 3 4 Subtotal 12-13 CA A120 3 CA A124 2 CA A149 2 Orange Coast College’s Culinary and Food Sciences Assistant program is designed for students who are interested in working as assistants in the following fields: food research and development, product development, recipe development, product duplication, quality assurance, sensory, or flavor chemistry. Program Outcomes 1. Graduates will be competent entry-level Culinary and Food Science assistants meeting the employment needs of the community and be able to communicate and work effectively with Chefs, Food Scientist and clientele. Required Prerequisites: Careers in Dietetics/Food Science Nutrition Sanitation and Safety FN/NC FN FSM A100 A170 A160 1 3 3 Subtotal 7 CA CA CA FSM FSM A126 A131 A236 A151 A250 2 3 2 2 3 Subtotal 7 Continued on next page Subtotal 12 83