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Orange Coast College ATHLETICS CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (CONTINUED) Athletics Certificate Restricted Electives (Continued) - Select twelve (12) units: Interpersonal Communication CMST A100 3 Public Speaking CMST A110 3 Introduction to Mass Communication CMST A180 3 Career and Life Planning: A Holistic Approach COUN A104 3 Strategies for College Success COUN A105 3 Introduction to Computer Graphics DMAD A181 3 Human Ecology ECOL A100 3 Economics: General Concepts ECON A100 3 Microeconomics ECON A170 3 Macroeconomics ECON A175 3 Freshman Composition ENGL A100 3 Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing: Literature / Honors ENGL A101 / A101H 4 Contemporary Ethnic America ETHS A100 3 Ethnic Groups in the U.S.: Their Histories / Honors ETHS/HIST A150 / A150H 3 History and Appreciation of Cinema FILM A100 3 Introduction to Radio, TV and Film FILM A150 3 Nutrition, Fitness, and Performance FN / HLED A136 3 Nutrition FN A170 3 World Regional Geography / Honors GEOG A100 / A100H 3 General Geology / Honors GEOL A105 / A105H 3 General Geology Lab GEOL A105L 1 World History 1 / Honors HIST A161 / A161H 3 Western Civilization 1 / Honors HIST A180 / A180H 3 History of the US to 1876 / Honors HIST A170 / A170H 3 History of the US Since 1876 / Honors HIST A175 / A175H 3 Personal Health Education HLED A100 3 Child Growth and Development HMDV A180 3 Horticulture Science HORT A100 3 Introduction to the Humanities HUM A100 3 Introduction to Kinesiology KIN A202 3 Fitness and Health KIN A270 3 Drugs and Sports KIN A271 3 Movement Analysis KIN A272 3 Strength Conditioning & Theory KIN A280 3 Introduction to Exercise Physiology KIN A282 3 Coastal Oceanography MRSC A185 3 Coastal Oceanography Lab MRSC A185L 1 Oceanography/Honors MRSC A100 / A100H 3 History and Appreciation of Music MUS A100 3 Music from Bach to Rock MUS A105 3 Fundamentals of Music MUS A115 3 History of Rock Music MUS A139 3 Liberal Arts Mathematics MATH A100 3 College Algebra MATH A115 4 Trigonometry MATH A120 3 Finite Mathematics with Applications MATH A155 4 Precalculus MATH A170 4 Calculus 1 / Honors MATH A180 / A180H 4 Intro to Statistics / Stats for Behavioral Sciences MATH/PSYC A160 4 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL A100 3 Ethics PHIL/RLST A120 3 Critical Reasoning and Writing PHIL A150 3 Introduction to Photography PHOT A120 3 History and Aesthetics of Still Photography PHOT A130 3 Conceptual Physics PHYS A110 3 American Government/Honors PSCI A180 / A180H 3 Introduction to Psychology / Honors PSYC A100 / A100H 3 Principles of Human Sexuality 1 PSYC A165 3 Psychology of Personality PSYC A220 3 Social Psychology PSYC A260 3 World Religion RLST A110 3 The Aviation Maintenance Technology fields are of continuing growth and opportunity. The opportunities vary from field to field depending on the population’s need for travel, business, and pleasure. Overall, the opportunities and availability outlooks are good to excellent. Each program prepares students in a specific area of aviation maintenance and will enable them to seek entry- level or higher levels of employment for positions such as: aircraft technician, aircraft inspector, aircraft mechanic, airframe and/or powerplant mechanic, airframe and/or powerplant technician, aviation mechanic, avionics technician, engine overhaul mechanic, FAA repair station technician, general aviation maintenance mechanic, and helicopter mechanic. Mission Statement The Aircraft Maintenance Technology program mission, following counsel of local community and industry leaders, is to provide quality instruction to promote student success with comprehensive training for those interested in entering the aviation maintenance profession and for professionals in the aviation maintenance field striving to improve their knowledge and skills in the areas comprising of Airframe, Powerplant, Avionics and Helicopter Maintenance. Note: Although the courses within the department’s degrees and certificates are sequenced, they may be started at any time. AIRFRAME CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT This program provides training for the student who desires to be an Airframe Technician. The training received enables the technician to return to service an airplane, related part, and appliance after performing, supervising or inspecting its maintenance or alterations. This Certificate of Achievement can be acquired in two semesters, one intersession, and one summer school session. This certificate would enable students to achieve employment at local aircraft manufacturing and repair facilities. Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all required courses. Program Outcomes 1. Have the necessary skills and training for proficiency in taking written, oral and practical exams for AIRFRAME certification which may be required for employment. 2. Be able to improve or develop additional proficiencies required for professional growth or advancement in their current employment. All qualification training and tests are prescribed and follow the guide of the Federal Aviation. Course Units FALL General Maintenance Records General Electricity General Airframe and Powerplant Fuel Systems General Materials, Processes & Welding General Weight and Balance, Math and Physics AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY The Aviation Maintenance Technology program is divided into five areas: Airframe, Powerplant, Airframe and Powerplant, Avionics, and Helicopters. AMT AMT AMT AMT AMT 4 3 2 3 3 Subtotal 15 SPRING Airframe and Powerplant Electricity AMT Airframe and Powerplant Instrumentation AMT Airframe Sheet Metal & Composite Structural Repair AMT Airframe Assembly & Rigging, Pneumatics & EC Systems AMT Airframe Communication and Navigation Systems AMT General Blueprint Reading and Drafting AMT A150 A151 A152 A153 A154 A160 A180 A161 A162 A181 A155 6 2.5 5.5 3 2 2 Subtotal 21 Continued on next page 66