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Orange Coast College PSYCHOLOGY AA-T DEGREE (CONTINUED) concurrent with classroom courses. Clinical responsibilities will be arranged by the Radiologic Technology faculty and will include evening and/or weekend assignments. The student receives no salary for this clinical experience but will receive course credit toward program completion. Clinical sites will be within a 30 mile radius of the school and transportation is the responsibility of the student and may include parking fees. List C - Complete one (1) course from above not yet taken, or choose from the following: Psychology of Personality PSYC A220 3 Abnormal Psychology PSYC A255 3 Psychology of Learning PSYC A270 3 Radiologic Technology is a rapidly expanding allied health profession. Subtotal 3 Program Major Units CSU or IGETC for CSU Transferable electives as needed to satisfy unit requirement Program Admission: 19 1. 2. 37-39 Allied Health A010 course - application and orientation. The student must complete the general education requirements for an Associate in Science Degree requirements and the program prerequisites prior to acceptance to the program. Varies Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all required courses. Total Degree Units 60 Program Outcomes Courses in major program may double count towards major and General Education Breadth, reducing total GE Breadth unit count. 1. 2. RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY — DIAGNOSTIC ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE The Radiologic Technologist captures images of human anatomy utilizing digital, x-ray film, or video for diagnostic use by a radiologist or other medical specialist. Graduates of the program are eligible for examination by the American Registry of Radiologist Technologists. Successful applicants have the right to use the title “Registered Radiologic Technologist” (RT)(R)(ARRT). In order to practice in California, the R.T. must also apply for licensure by the Department of Health Services in Sacramento. Completion of the Associate in Science degree a program qualifies the student for eligibility for the state C.R.T. Examination. A bachelor degree program has been articulated with CSU Northridge. The Orange Coast College Radiologic Technology program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology, 20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60606-2901, Tel: (312) 704-5300, Fax: (312) 704-5304 and approved by the California Department of Public Health and is affiliated with numerous hospitals in Orange County. Classrooms are well equipped and include on-campus energized x-ray laboratories. Program application process is accomplished by taking program prerequisite, Allied Health A010. This short-term course is mandatory for all prospective program applicants. The Radiologic Technology program starts only in the fall semester of every school year. The Radiologic Technology program is a full-time (two years including one summer session and two intersessions) program. Successful program completion requires the following: 1) completion of all required radiologic technology courses as outlined in catalog, 2) completion of approximately 1850 clinical hours, and 3) completion of all requirements for an Associate in Science degree as required by Orange Coast College. These specific program completion requirements must be satisfied within the two-year time frame of the Radiologic Technology program. Eligibility for the post program state and registry examinations is dependent upon meeting these requirements. This program requires the student to participate in clinical experience 138 Provide ethical patient care, comfort, and safety while demonstrating the communication and independent critical thinking skills necessary to effectively participate in the health care environment. 3. RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY — DIAGNOSTIC Graduate students who are clinically competent and meet the needs of the imaging community. Practice the concept of life-long learning through continued education and participation in professional Radiologic Technology organizations. Program Prerequisites: Health Occupations Medical Terminology Anatomy-Physiology ALH ALH BIOL A010 A111 A221 Subtotal .5 3 4 7.5 Course Units FALL Patient Care Radiological Physics and Protection Beginning Radiologic Practice Radiographic Positioning and Critique 1 Clinical Lab 1 Radiographic Imaging INTERSESSION Clinical Lab 2 SPRING Human Diseases Radiographic Positioning and Critique 2 Clinical Lab 3 Radiographic Pathology SUMMER Clinical Lab 4 ALH RADT RADT RADT RADT RADT 2.5 3 1.5 3 2 3 Subtotal 15 RADT A172 2 Subtotal 2 ALH RADT RADT RADT A120 A175 A176 A185 2 3 7 1 Subtotal 13 RADT A177 4.5 Subtotal 4.5 FALL Principles of Digital Imaging and Computer Applications RADT Radiographic Positioning and Critique 3 RADT Clinical Lab 5 RADT A115 A110 A165 A170 A171 A180 A265 A270 A271 2 3 10.5 Subtotal 15.5 Continued on next page