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Orange Coast College Completion of the first year with a “C” grade in all courses is required before beginning second year. NUTRITION AND DIETETICS THIRD SEMESTER Life Cycle Nutrition Applied Nutrition Menu Planning & Purchasing Intermediate Nutrition Care Supervised Practice 1 DIETETIC TECHNICIAN ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE FN FN FSM NC NC A144 A171 A250 A280 A281 3 2 3 2 3.5 Subtotal 13.5 FOURTH SEMESTER Applied Pharmacology ALH A130 Food Science FN A195 Or Introductory Chemistry CHEM A110 Advanced Nutrition Care NC A285 Supervised Practice 2 NC A286 Students completing this program are prepared to join the dietetic team in various nutritional aspects of health care. Graduates from this program are employed by acute care, long term care, and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as by community agencies that provide education in nutrition. Completion of the following courses, along with the Associate Degree program at Orange Coast College qualifies the student to sit for the National Dietetic Technician Registration exam and become a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Upon successful completion of these courses (with grade of “C” or better) and the General Education Requirements, students will receive a Letter of Verification from the program director confirming that all requirements of the program have been met. Students will then be eligible for membership in the Academcy of Nutrition and Dietetics and for taking the National Registration Exam administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. 2 4 5 2 3.5 Subtotal 11.5-12.5 Program Major Units 57.5-58.5 General Education Breadth for AS Degree 15* Total AS Degree Units 72.5-73.5 This program has been granted full accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 120 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606-6995, 800- 877-1600 x5400, *BIOL A221 in program prerequisite double counts towards General Education Breadth. It is recommended that the student complete at least 15-17 units of general education requirements prior to entering the program. Dietetic Technician Suggested Electives: Human Diseases Interpersonal Communication Child Growth and Development Ethics Introduction to Sociology **These courses meet the California Department of Health requirement for Dietetic Service Supervisor. Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all required courses. Program Outcomes 1. Communicate and work effectively with an interdisciplinary workforce and clientele of the community. 3. ALH ALH NC/FN A010 A111 A100 Subtotal .5 3 1 SECOND SEMESTER Anatomy-Physiology **Food Production Management **Health Care Field Experience **Introduction to Medical Nutrition Therapy 130 ALH FN FSM FSM FSM A115 A170 A150 A160 A260 Students who graduate from this program are prepared for employment in one of the fastest growing and most prolific industries in Southern California, encompassing weight control clinics, health and exercise spas and gymnasiums, community agencies concerned with nutrition education, and manufacturers and distributors of nutrition-related products. Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all required courses. 4.5 Course Units FIRST SEMESTER Patient Care **Nutrition **Quantity Foods Preparation **Sanitation and Safety **Supervision and Training Techniques 2 3 3 3 3 CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Participate in personal growth and lifelong learning activities Required Prerequisites: Health Occupations Medical Terminology Careers in Dietetics/Food Science A120 A100 A180 A120 A100 NUTRITION EDUCATION Demonstrate competent entry-level skills of a Dietetic Technician in order to meet the employment needs of the community. 2. ALH CMST HMDV PHIL/RLST SOC 2.5 3 4 3 3 Subtotal 15.5 BIOL A221 4 FSM A151 2 NC A175 3.5 NC A180 3 Subtotal 12.5 Program Outcome 1. Graduates will be competent entry-level Nutrition Education Assistants meeting the employment needs of the community. Course Units FIRST SEMESTER Anatomy & Physiology Careers in Dietetics/Food Science Sanitation and Safety Nutrition BIOL A221 4 FN/NC A100 1 FSM A160 3 FN A170 3 Subtotal 11 Continued on next page