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Orange Coast College JOURNALISM AA DEGREE (CONTINUED) Transferable electives as needed to satisfy unit requirement Varies Total Degree Units 60 *Feature Writing *Photojournalism Introduction to Statistics Introduction to Photography / Honors American Government Honors Comparative Politics Critical Reasoning and Writing JOUR A117 JOUR A185 MATH A160 PHOT A120 / A120H PSCI A180 / A180H PSCI A185 PHIL A150 JOURNALISM The Athletic Training Certificate provides an educational and practical foundation for students interested in athletic training, physical therapy, physical therapy assistant and physical therapy aide. The Athletic Training Certificate objective is to enable students to develop a strong foundation in the kinesiology and athletic training. The theoretical knowledge, laboratory, and clinical experience skills acquired by students in this program will also enhance their general understanding in the fitness and physical therapy industry. The required courses are a cross section of required courses in nearby athletic training curriculums. Since curriculum requirements may vary amongst institutions, it is imperative that students entering OCC’s certificate in Athletic Training meet with a counselor at the start of their academic career. Course Units 116 Program Outcome 3 3 4 1. Subtotal 10 3 3 3 3 Subtotal 3 List B - Complete two (2) of the following: Essentials of Argumentation CMST Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing: Literature / Honors ENGL Critical Reasoning, Reading, Writing: Nonfiction / Honors ENGL A220 A101 / A101H A102 / A102H 60 CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT Program Outcomes BUS/CMST A185 JOUR A116 JOUR A117 JOUR A185 Total Degree Units ATHLETICS TRAINING Students will be eligible and prepared for admission (SB 1440 and Education Code 66746) to California State University system schools. List A - Complete one (1) of the following: Public Relations Multi-Media Reporting and Producing Feature Writing Photojournalism Varies KINESIOLOGY Students are required to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all major coursework. 37-39 Courses in major program may double count towards major and General Education Breadth, reducing total GE Breadth unit count. Students who complete the Journalism AA-T degree are guaranteed admision to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. A180 A110 A115 19-21 *Course may not be used to fulfill List B requirement if already used to fulfill List A requirement. The Journalism AA-T degree directly aligns with many of the department’s goals and objectives: achieving an AA and transferring to an institution of higher education. It is also designed to give students a broad perspective on the options they might select at the 4-year level and help prepare them for their transfer goals. They will also be prepared to work on any campus publication or website with journalistic confidence and experience. CMST JOUR JOUR CSU or IGETC for CSU Transferable electives as needed to satisfy unit requirement The Department of Journalism at Orange Coast College is a comprehensive program with offerings ranging from beginning journalism instruction to state-of-the-art multimedia production. Our mission is to use theory and practice to help how journalists report and write for a variety of publications and understand the value of a free press in America. We strive to help students achieve an AA or AS or transfer to other institutions of higher learning and be prepared for the opportunities that may exist. The department also operates a weekly student newspaper, the Coast Report, the website www., and regularly posts a variety of multimedia productions. Classes are open to students of all majors. Core Courses: Introduction to Mass Communications Newswriting and Reporting Newspaper Production Level 1 Total Major Units Students graduating with an Associate in Arts in Journalism for Transfer Degree are well positioned to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in a similar major within the CSU sytem with 60 units of upper-division coursework. Students who complete the Anthropology AA-T degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not to a particular campus or major. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all CSU-transferable coursework. While a minimum 2.0 is required for CSU admission, some majors may require a higher GPA. Please consult a counselor for more information. 1. Subtotal 6-8 ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE FOR TRANSFER (AA-T) 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 Students will have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be well qualified applicants undergraduate athletic training programs. Course Units First Aid and CPR Sports Medicine Athletic Taping/Modal Sports Medicine Practicum Level 1 Sports Medicine Practicum Level 2 Restricted Elective 1 Restricted Elective 2 HLED KIN KIN KIN KIN KIN KIN A112 A273 A274 A275 A276 (see list) (see list) Total 2 3 3 2-4 2-4 3-5 3-5 18-26 Continued on next page