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Orange Coast College HORTICULTURE CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (CONTINUED) SPRING Ornamental Shrubs Course Units HORT A182 3 Subtotal 3 FALL - Select six (6) units from the following: Landscape Drafting Technique HORT Introduction to Tree Care HORT Pest Control Applicators & Gardeners P.C.O. Certification HORT Greenhouse and Nursery Science HORT Plant Diseases HORT Interior Plantscaping HORT *History of Landscape Design HORT *Portfolio Development HORT *Introduction to Landscape Design HORT A111 A151 A170 A184 A185 A187 A200 A284 A285 1 2 1 3 2 2 3 1.5 3 Subtotal 6 SPRING - Select six (6) units from the following: Landscape Graphics HORT A115 Digital Design HORT A116 Landscape Maintenance HORT A150 Plant Propagation HORT A183 Pests of Ornamentals HORT A186 Weeds and Their Control HORT A189 California Friendly Landscapes HORT A190 Cacti and Succulents HORT A191 *History of Landscape Design HORT A200 *Portfolio Development HORT A284 *Introduction to Landscape Design HORT A285 Landscape Design Elements HORT A286 Planting Design HORT A287 Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Design HORT A288 Installation of Residential Irrigation Systems HORT A289 Business Elective (any OCC Business course 100 or higher) 3 3 3 3 1.5 1.5 2 1.5 3 1.5 3 2 2 1
 1 3 Subtotal 6 Total Units 24 *HORT A200, A284, A285 taken in Fall term may not be repeated in Spring term. **Transfer students should also take Biology A183L. ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE Complete the Airline and Travel Careers Certificate of Achievement and the Associate in Science graduation requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the catalog. RETROFITTING CALIFORNIA URBAN GARDENS CERTIFICATE OF SPECIALIZATION The Retrofitting California Urban Gardens Certificate of Specialization, is designed to provide formal training for individuals interested in transforming the landscape into a water-wise sustainable garden. This program provides students with entry-level working knowledge of the skills and resources they will need to design various sustainable landscapes upon completion of the certificate. Program Outcome 1. 108 designer that will have a strong background in sustainability as well as the ability to pursue industry certifications. Students will demonstrate areas of critical thinking, design, and visual communication for entry-level employment as a landscape/garden FALL Landscape Drafting Techniques California Friendly Landscapes Introduction to Landscape Design SPRING Cacti and Succulents Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Design Installation of Residential Irrigation Systems HORT HORT HORT A111 A190 A285 1 2 3 Subtotal 6 HORT HORT HORT A191 A288 A289 1.5 2 1 Subtotal 4.5 Total Units 10.5 HOSPITALITY, TRAVEL AND TOURISM The Hotel, Travel & Tourism programs at Orange Coast College are designed for employment or career advancement within the hospitality industry. Whether an individual is a novice or currently employed, these programs strengthen the opportunity for success within the fastest growing industries in southern California. Career opportunities abound as growth of the hospitality industry continues throughout the United States and the world requiring trained individuals to fill the multitude of varied positions. Students may choose individual courses, certification in areas of specialization, as well as, completion of an Associate in Science Degree. The Hotel, Travel & Tourism, and Spa Management programs at Orange Coast College use materials from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the world leader in hospitality education and training. Students who successfully complete these courses earn globally recognized certificates from the American Hotel & Lodging Association in addition to college credits applicable toward a Certificate or Associate’s Degree at Orange Coast College. At least 50% of all Airline, Hotel, Spa, Meeting/Event, Travel & Tourism coursework must be completed at Orange Coast College. Students are encouraged to complete the requirements for an Associate in Science degree; graduation requirements can be found in the college catalog. With additional coursework, students can prepare for a Bachelor’s Degree in this field. For more department information, call 714-432-5835 x6 or visit the School of Hospitality website at Note: Curriculum may be adjusted to meet the needs of students with extensive industry related experience. Evening and weekend courses are available. AIRLINE AND TRAVEL CAREERS CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT This program prepares men and women of all ages for the highly competitive customer service careers including flight attendant in the airline and travel industry. Courses include a career survey, hiring qualifications and requirements, Continued on next page